Lifetime Ring Replacement Program*


Your new NiTin Sectional Matrix rings are Reinvented to outlast the competition.

      Longevity by design

      • PEEK® durability means your NiTin rings stay strong
      • NiTin's drawn-wire nickel titanium gives you performance you can count on versus traditional NiTi
      • Super strong PEEK® tips grip the infrabulge and stay where you place them


      Want to see what a full cycle of testing looks like? Watch this video:


      We’re so confident that NiTin™ rings are going to outperform anything else you’ve ever used, that we’re going to make this offer: If you EVER feel that your NiTin™ rings are not performing, we’ll replace them for half price.*


        HOW TO SAVE:

           1. Purchase a Mini or Full NiTin Sectional Matrix Kit.

           2. Use on Class II restorations.

           3. Return old or worn rings and SAVE 50% on NiTin ring replacements.*


        Why buy a kit and enroll in the Lifetime Replacement Program?

           1. Tailored to clinicians looking for consistency and accuracy in daily


          2. Affordable option to save 50% off* replacement separator rings.

          3. Product features worthy of lifetime use.


      Make unpredictable Class II procedures a thing of the past!



      *Offer limited to the first 1000 customers who purchase either a complete kit (NT-KMN-01) or a mini kit (NT-KMN-40) at full price. After you are enrolled in the program, you are eligible to receive a 50% discount on NiTin ring purchases once per year for life. Simply return the worn NiTin rings to Reinvent (we'll supply a free return shipping label) and place your order, noting the ring is in the mail. When we have received the returned ring, your order will be processed at the 50% discount rate.


      Simply enter the discount code LIFETIME during checkout to be eligible for the Lifetime Ring Replacement Program.*