The NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System is designed to create predictable contacts on Class II composite restorations. The matrix bands are pre-contoured for anatomically accurate restorations while standard and long separator rings ensure maximum band adaptation and retention on the teeth.

Material Selection: Select a matrix band that most closely approximates the height of the tooth. Use a band with a sub-gingival extension for larger and/or deeper restorations.

The white ring is designed with shorter tines to provide optimum retention and matrix adaptation on shorter teeth. The black ring is designed with longer tines for optimum performance on taller teeth. The black ring can be easily stacked over the white ring for multi-tooth/surface restorations.

Typical Class II restorative technique:

Place a rubber dam or similar isolation product. Isolation aids in the prevention of contamination from crevicular fluids as well as preventing aspiration of small parts.

Place matrix band. Grip the tab on the matrix band with the NiTin™ Band Forceps or cotton plyers and place interproximally with concave surface toward the tooth being restored. Once placed, bend the tab away from the tooth being restored. 

Place wedge. Grip the block on the wedge with the NiTin™ Band Forceps, cotton plyers or hemostats. Place a finger on the matrix band to prevent it from becoming dislodged and insert the wedge firmly.

Place ring. Engage the ring into the grooves of the NiTin™ Ring Placement Forceps and open the ring just enough to allow placement in the interproximal space. Position the notched tips of the ring over the wedge seating them as far gingivally as possible.

Gently burnish matrix band. Ensure that the matrix band is firmly in contact with the adjacent tooth.

Place restorative materials. Apply your preferred restorative materials following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remove the ring, wedge, and band. Removal of the matrix band may require the use of a hemostat due to the tight contacts achieved with the NiTin™ system.

Finish and polish. Use your preferred finishing and polishing technique to complete the restoration.

MOD’s and multiple tooth restorations. NiTin™ separator rings are designed to be stacked over one another in any combination to facilitate MOD or multiple tooth restorations. Place and wedge both matrix bands before placing rings. Place the mesial ring first then stack the distal ring over top.

Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions:

NiTin™ Matrix Rings maintain their strength and appearance by using the following cleaning and sterilization procedure: Remove debris with a soft bristle brush, using a mild detergent in warm water. DO NOT use solutions containing acetone or ketone. Steam autoclave sterilization only.

Sectional Matrix Bands are single use disposable items. Sterilization prior to use is recommended and can be performed using any common sterilization equipment or chemicals.

Instruments & Forceps may be dry heat sterilized, chemiclaved, steam autoclaved or cold sterilized following the sterilization unit manufacturer’s instructions.

Wedges are single use, disposable items.