How is NiTin™ different from other sectional matrix systems?

Nitinol is the perfect material for the perfect sectional matrix ring.  Nitinol is not a new material. Developed by the military decades ago (Nickel-Titanium Naval Ordinance Laboratory) it’s a material that industry is continuing to use in new and exciting ways.  When Nitinol is formed into a drawn wire, it undergoes a process of molecular alignment which produces absolutely superior spring qualities – and only NiTin uses drawn Nickel-Titanium wire.  Adding in a proprietary “heatset” process and a PEEK® (polyether ether ketone) reinforcement produces a sectional matrix ring that provides “like new” separating force for hundreds of uses.  And that’s what you want, right? Consistent, predictable performance.  When the 100th use gives you the same great, tight contacts as the first use you know you’re using a NiTin Sectional Matrix Ring.  It’s been Re-invented to outperform anything else.