Ring Trade-in Program



      Trade in your worn out rings for all new NiTin sectional matrix rings.

           These rings are completely Reinvented to outlast any other ring.




TRADE IN up to 6 worn out sectional matrix rings from any manufacturer for a $20 credit per ring*

                         toward the purchase of a NEW NiTin Sectional Matrix Kit (NT-KMN-01)


        SAVE up to $120 off the purchase of a NEW NiTin Sectional Matrix Kit (NT-KMN-01)


                                                                              Offer ends 7/31/2018



*Order NiTin Sectional Matrix Kit at full price ($440), plus applicable shipping and sales tax. Complete the Trade-in Shipment Form that's sent with your order. $20 per ring up to $120 credit per each purchased NiTin Kit. Customer ships trade-in rings to Reinvent Dental (clearly label package with "RING TRADE-IN"). Credit issued back to original purchaser. All Trade-in rings are scrapped and non-returnable. Trade-in rings must be received no later than 30 days after Reinvent shipped the original order.

Ship rings to:

Reinvent Dental Products
16673 148th Ave, Unit 5
Spring Lake, MI 49456


         Use code RINGTRADE during checkout to be eligible for this offer.